Monday, November 17, 2014

This Week in Pictures

Well, more like the last month or so. Because I figured out I can, now.

Work for the Dead and Missionary Work

I learned something very interesting this week, primarily from this article, which I hope you can all read:

Wow! Isn't that cool? For me, it really got me excited to do temple ordinances for the dead! Sadly most of the Ord side of the family has already been taken care of, but there's lot's of work to do on the Scanlan side! I was particularly impressed by how Bednar describes the effect that the Spirit of Elijah can have in retaining members. It's pretty amazing, and how true it is! One of the statistics we as missionaries keep track of is how often we can get our recent converts to do work for the dead - and for good reason. When people have a chance to serve others, they are converted. The best way to serve others is through missionary work. And work for the dead IS missionary work.

Again, wow! Get involved, people!

And on that note, I'd like to mention how impressed I've been with the members here. There's are particular family here we've been able to go out with a couple times to teach investigators - the husband himself is a recent convert of only 6 months or so. But seeing them getting the chance to share the gospel has been incredible. They have strong testimonies that only grow stronger as they get to share the gospel. Do the same! And for those of you not from our church, find ways to serve! And maybe hear what we have to say. :) (On that note, I'd also like to quickly refer you non-members to this talk, also by David A. Bednar:

A quick funny thing about Ecuador. Maybe I'll make this a running thing: things I find chistoso about Ecuador. Well, this one's mostly about me. Every time I introduce myself, I have to explain, "I'm actually from the U.S." And then explain that my dad is from Samoa. It's good fun. Eventually, once my Spanish is better, it'll be even more fun seeing their surprise.

I'm loving it here! I hope you're loving it where you are!

 I tried to take this so many times. It's a good thing there were a bunch of signs that said "Quito" for me. 

 In Quito proper.

A view from our sector. That's Quito out there. We're kinda in the "suburbs," more or less.

A guagua de pan! (Refer to a couple e-mails back to learn what the heck that is!)

A typically dusty day in the outskirts of our sector. I think there's a horse or a donkey in that picture. Can you find it?

This reminds me of a Lucot powerpoint. "Parrillada," or essentially a mix of barbecued meats, veggies, and bananas.

Crushed it!

THAT my dear friends, is a chocobanana. It may look like a various number of things but it is actually delicious, and only 25 cents.

 A couple days ago the skies were miraculously clear, which doesn't happen often here, and we could see ALL of the volcanoes that ring Quito. I have no idea what their names are, but here's one of them.

My first baptism this past week! Wooh! It was great! (We all had a good laugh at Jeremiah in this picture...apparently he is yawning? Pretty normal Jeremiah behavior-that's our boy.:))

 I love the graffiti here and I have the pleasure of looking at this work of art every day, as it's right by our apartment. There's not much of a law here against it and so people battle over the same wall. If it's a good piece of art, it stays there for a while. This one's been here for a looong time.

An example of the buses here. On this one I had to crouch a bit because people here are short and not everything is accomodated to Americanos. I've already hit my head several times trying to get off the bus.

Well, this is the actual middle of the world, as calculated by GPS. Not big monument, but pretty cool. I have a video of a demonstration the tour guide did - you know that thing about the coriolis affect and water spiraling in different directions? We stood on that line and emptied a water basin and it went straight down. A couple feet to the right and it went one way, a few feet to the left and it went the other. Yes. IT HAPPENED.

 I am at the middle of the world. Yes. I am.

Pink bananas. Yes, I do take a picture of practically everything I eat. And record it in my journal.

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