Monday, April 6, 2015

April Conference 2015: The Jowls Strike Back‏

For those who may not know...General Conference is a semi-annual meeting over the course of two days, where members of our church get to hear counsel from the Prophet and other leaders of our church. For more information you can go here:

Conference was great, of course. Most people congregate in the stake centers here to watch it by satellite - it's fun to do it that way, see everyone there. We gringos had a room to ourselves where we watched it in English, which was great. Of course, for the Spanish speakers we flipped over to the Spanish channel. And everybody had all the packages that had arrived for Easter so we had a nice little American-food party as well.

I don't have a ton of time. Here are some of the more profound thoughts that crossed my mind as I watched conference:

-"Of course. The string section is always out of tune."

-"Just a bit closer. Come on, a bit closer. Your tie knot is almost on that mic.  Just give a little tap for me."

-"It's just the worst when they speak Chilean."

-"Confirmed: Pittsburgh is just not righteous enough to get it."

-"The combined hormonal power in that choir could destroy a small nation."

-"I think that was the most explicit conference talk I've ever heard."

Didn't understand?

Sounds like you fell asleep during conference!

Seriously though, it was great. I honestly don't have as much to share with y'all as you might expect - this time I just wrote down what applied to me in my journal. Maybe I wrote less than I usually do, but I treasure these notes more than anything. I was praying and even fasting to know when the speakers were talking directly to me, and I think I got what I was supposed to. I can't wait for the Liahona to continue studying and understanding.

It's something I've found interesting that I'm learning to do - listen to the Spirit. It comes in a great many ways and if we're not listening we won't hear what we need to. I've been very interested to see that it often comes very quietly. That it might just be confused for a "lightbulb" moment, or a weird thought. It'll take practice to figure it out and listen hard. My prayer journal has converted into also being a record of those promptings. As I write them down I think I'll understand better how the Spirit works in my life and how to listen better later on. Who knows what it could be telling us?

And I just liked sharing conference with others. I always think of some of the lines from "High on a Mountaintop."

-And people will be heard in distant lands to say:
We'll now go up and serve the Lord,
obey his truth, and learn his word.

Pretty awesome seeing the work of the Lord filling the whole earth! And it'll keep going. I know it's true and the best work we can do! Get involved! Or figure out what the heck these Mormon people are seeing and why the believe this things! It might just change someone's life.

That's all for this week. But have some pics:
The conference set-up.

The sketchy bridge that leads to "The Island."

 The greatest Zone pic ever. It was completely improvised. This is what happens when there aren't sister missionaries in the zone.


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