Monday, March 7, 2016

The Miracle Of March

So we have a thing going on as a mission where we're working hard to see tons of miracles this month. Everyone is sacrificing something personal and we're not having any activities on p-day. I'm pretty confident we'll see plenty of miracles. We've already seen many.

The Pillajos, Miguel and Marlene, are progressing to be baptized next weekend, the 19th! Miguel is super ready - he was going to be late to church yesterday and ended up grabbing a super-expensive taxi (paid something like $7) from Atuntaqui, where he lives, to get to the chapel in Ibarra on time, instead of taking the normal bus. So yeah, I think he's ready. Even asked if we could do the baptism this weekend, but he still needs to come to church one more time all three hours and we need to teach a few more lessons. Marlene still needs a testimony, so we're working with that, but I'm confident we'll also see miracles on that front.

Another miracle we saw this week was when we went to teach Carina, a lady we've been teaching for a month or two now. Her husband has often been nearby during the lessons (we teach her in her store), but has refused to participate. But last Saturday when we went to teach Carina, her husband was also in the store, and before starting she quickly whispered to us "Ask my husband if he wants to listen." So, I did. And without a word, he got up, crossed over to where we were, and sat down! Definitely a miracle right there.

Also, another small miracle, an investigator that the sisters are teaching invited some friends to listen and they even came to church yesterday, and guess what - they're from our sector! So now we've got a new family to teach, as well.

I read in a conference talk this week that the Spirit can work through us most powerfully if we have love. If we just have love for others, the Spirit will be able to be present in a lesson. I really liked that insight and I hope to be able to keep developing that kind of love for others.

This mission thing goes by way fast, but I love it! Sorry I don't have much to say this week, but I have some cool pictures, at the very least.

Oh one last thing:  This article is on the website. Right to the right of Elder Holland is a guy with glasses - the one further in the background. He was my bishop in La Bota and now he's a stake president in Quito. Crazy, right?
Way sweet pic of me shaking Elder Holland's hand.

 A delicious plantain empanada.

 The sector.

With the Pillajos! (The two on the right.)

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