Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Indiana Jones Wild Ride

Don't have much time to write, because more people e-mailed me than usual but that's what I want anyways.
Wednesday, at about 3 in the morning, I was sound asleep until Elder Molina woke me up - right away I realized we were in another earthquake. It was pretty darn strong - my companion was actually kind of scared and already searching for his flip flops to run outside. We live in the second floor so we could definitely feel it. It went by pretty fast, though, so I just went back to sleep.
Later that day we had interviews with President. My companion was in his interview and I was talking with Sister Richardson when the second round hit. Like they say, it feels a lot like you're in a boat. Everything rocks back and forth. This one was strong too, and it just kept going. Sister Richardson was a little worried - she was telling me that a few weeks earlier she'd had a dream where she felt like she was in "Indiana Jones Wild Ride" and since then she'd been afraid of another earthquake. One of the assistants came over and she was like, "This feels just like my dream." The assistants and President and she all tried calling the missionaries in the coast, but the lines were down. Everyone stayed pretty calm, though. Later on we heard that everyone was ok. It sounds like it didn't do much damage in the coast, but it was close to being the same thing as last time. People have been telling us that according to the news channels we're in for at least another few months of this. Kind of crazy, but I can't say I'm particularly worried. If Imbabura exploded, that'd be a different story, because I kind of live right beneath it.
Interviews went well, by the way. It's been amazing seeing the progress I've had in the mission. I know that the Lord puts us through these trials to help us learn. I'm sure I'll keep getting as much as I can out of it in these last few months. Chao!

My companion taught me some Peruvian dishes this week. Here's some pollo estofado.

The house is a little farther up this road. That's Imbabura, on a rare clear day.

 It's been really pretty out lately.

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