Tuesday, October 7, 2014

General Conference

For those who may not know, General Conference is a semi-annual meeting of our church. It is broadcast world-wide and contains many uplifting and edifying speakers. You can find more here
Jeremiah seemed to be short on time this week, but we are so happy to hear from him. There weren't any captions for the pictures, so I tried my best.:)

Man, how awesome! I took a good 20 pages of notes (in my little notebook, so I guess it's not THAT impressive). I don't even know what to share, honestly! I think I'll share my overall impression.

It seems like the theme was "listen to the prophets." I think it's rather timely and very applicable to all of us. The point here is that prophets are the mouthpiece of God (Amos 3:7). We must listen to their council, no matter how hard it is to hear. I've been studying the first bit of the Book of Mormon again, and it reminds me of how Laman and Lemuel were always getting worked up because Nephi was simply telling the truth. Likewise, we shouldn't murmur. We have to decide where we truly put our trust - in man or in God and his teachings. It's really as simple as that. It's very hard to follow, sometimes. But ultimately it is part of learning humility. We have to humble ourselves and show our love for the Lord.

Also, I found it interesting that TWO talks were about lifting up the poor. I don't know that I've heard that much in recent General Conferences. Holland's talk was incredibly powerful. I hope we can all follow that council.

And how cool was it that they let speakers talk in their native language! The second they announced the Cantonese speaker there was a buzz in the auditorium (that's where we watched all the sessions). I thought it was incredible. The Spirit testified to me that these truly is the church of God. Not just an American church or something else. It's global in its reach because God's reach is global. Sadly, the Spanish talks were translated for us as well. The latinos were all in a different place watching conference, so they got to hear it in Spanish. They were pretty happy about that, to say the least. So cool!

Speaking of latinos

We have a whole bunch in our casa now! It can be awkward at times because not all of us Norteamericanos have great Spanish (I should honestly be practicing with them more) but they're cool. We bonded with them by racing paper boats in the drains outside our casa while it was pouring rain. Apparently one of them is going to be a pro soccer player! And the Peruvian gave us all some real chile seeds to try. They were pretty darn hot! I loved it, of course. Right up my alley.

Sorry I don't have much time. I'll leave you with some pics!

Watch conference! Send Elder Bednar's talk to your friends! I love you all!
Elder Scanlan's district, I assume.

Doritos...not sure why these are picture-worthy.:) I must be missing something.

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