Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Jeremiah seemed to be short on time, but we are so glad to hear from him! The attached pictures were sent to us from Sister Richardson. She also told us his companion is Elder Budge "a very happy and good-hearted elder from Utah". In a quick note to me, Jeremiah said his companion is "fantastic". We appreciate your prayers and thoughts for Jeremiah as he adjusts to life in Ecuador.

I'm sorry this will be very short. My companion (mi padre, my trainer) has been sick so we had to go down to the offices today, and we didn't get back until late.

Wow, all the things that are happening down here! It's a very different place. The area I'm in I believe is called Calderon. It's a very big sector (for the city, at least) - maybe as much as 20 minutes from end to end by bus. It isn't in Quito proper, it's probably what equates to suburbs here. So, I'll just list a whoie bunch of stuff about the area and maybe that'll give you an idea of what it's all like.

-Most people just work in little stores they have in front of their homes. There are supermarkets and whatnot, but they're few and far between. All of the shopping we do in the week (like, if we need something badly or want a little something to eat) is done at these little stores. And they use American money here, which is really convenient. Some of the coinage is different, though. And they never use one dollar bills - always coins. Which I think is pretty cool. They've got the gold Sacagawea  ones, but also for some reason the first 20 or presidents. My goal is to collect them all by the end! I've got Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, and I think John Adams so far.

-There are tons of stray dogs. All you have to do if they start barking at you is pretend like you pick up a rock and are about to throw it at them, and they'll back down. But it can be a bit scary sometimes.

-It's pretty crazy how many people they can fit into a bus sometimes. No wonder it's so easy to get robbed here (apparently they have a few cases each month with the missionaries)! I haven't so far, but I'm being careful. I looked like a fool the first time I got onto a bus, flopping around as I tried to hold on. But I'm already getting the hang of it - it's our main mode of transportation here, other than the occassional taxi.

-Dusty, dusty. I don't really know why, but it is in this area.

-Two things you'd never see in the States: payphones and pay...internet? That's what I'm using right now, actually. Lots of stores have little desks where you can pay to use the internet - I guess because not everyone can afford a computer here! that's for sure.

President Richardson is great, and I can really feel the love both him and his wife has for us. I'm sad I won't be able to serve with them the entire time - I'll have a different President for the last couple months.

Sorry I don't have any pictures today! No time.

The most important thing I have to learn is losing myself in the work. That is the Character of Christ. I can't think of myself, I have to turn outward and help OTHERS. That's where I'll find true joy. I love you all!

Elder Budge and Elder Scanlan

New Missionaries and their companions

President and Sister Richardson with Elder Scanlan

The newest arrivals to the mission

Dinner at the President's home

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