Monday, December 29, 2014

Post-Christmas Ecuador

I really don't have a ton to write about, seeing as it's only been a few days since I last in Ecuador everything is pretty quiet. The work is a bit harder because everybody is off on vacation and whatnot. We've stepped up our contacting and we end up contacting lots of people that are just visiting so...we dropped off a bunch of references at the offices today. But we have been blessed to find a bunch of new investigators. Hopefully we can continue to find the people we need to.

My Christmas was great! Thanks again, everyone, for all the letters. And a special thank-you to the activity days girls for the package! That was super awesome. Almost all the candy is gone and a sticker of Captain America now graces the cover of my missionary handbook. Because Captain America would be obedient to ALL the rules.

Some members gave us food (we had to stay in our house as I explained in the last letter), which was great. Turkey, rice (of course), mashed potatoes, and salad. Well, the salad here is usually just a mix of veggies, principally onions and tomatoes, with lime juice or mustard or something. I think I could count the number of times I've eaten lettuce here on one hand. But it's delicious, nonetheless! My companion and I also made a mountain of crepes which we slathered with dulce de leche (caramel, basically) and jam. Good times.

I also finished the Book of Mormon and began the New Testament! The New Testament is a bit slower going because I'm trying to take time to look up the historical context, etc., so I can understand it better. And occassionally I'm daring enough to use Jesus the Christ as a reference as well. It's actually kind of funny to me - sometime it's way easier to read the Spanish rather than English, because Talmage uses so many words that just don't exist in Spanish, or are much simpler in Spanish.

And I also had the opportunity to once again kneel and ask in prayer if the Book of Mormon is true. I've been driving towards this point since the CCM, because I've wanted to gain a greater testimony of the Book of Mormon in order to be able to really testify of it to the people I teach. I know it's true! It's something I realized I'd already known with all my heart. I gained a testimony, I think, bit by bit, because I can't remember a specific moment in which I realized "bam, it's true." As I've read it, and applied the things it teaches, I've come closer to God and found true happiness in this life. I know that any honest seeker of the truth can read this book, ponder its contents, and pray, and that there they will find an answer. It can change lives and has more power to do so than any other method in the world. So I'd like to invite you to follow this invitation whether it be for the first time or the umpteenth.

Love you all! I'll e-mail year! What??
 Christmas dinner!! We have only this sad little table whereupon to put our food. It gets awfully crowded sometimes. Most Elders have the opposite problem.
Da da da daaaaaa! I got the Ocarina! Probably the best Christmas present ever. And yes, I acted that all out.

The view from the top of our sector. 

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