Monday, January 5, 2015

The Most Eventfully Uneventful New Year's‏

Feliz año, todos!
Because of a P-Day activity that, naturally, went overlong and was ill-planned (although we ate a ton of food at the Stake President's house, so that kinda made up for it a bit) I have no time to write. So, some scattered thoughts from the middle of the world:
New Year's here is nuts. I'm very glad that we were only allowed to be out until 5:00. I slept well, because our house is kinda in a corner, but I still woke up a couple times in the night from fireworks and I think there was a dance in the apartment above. The first tradition I ran into is that guys will cross-dress, complete with multi-colored wigs, and dance around in the streets. Like, in the middle of the street. Then their friends will take ropes and run them across the streets so that cars can't pass until they pay the guy dancing something. No one is spared. And these improvised stops were everywhere. Then, there's the dolls they burn. I actually think it's a cool idea, symbollically, because supposedly they represent leaving behind your past lives, but it's also hilarious. Of course, as missionaries, we weren't allowed to do that. But I saw some as tall as two stories high. The most popular figure to burn this year was "El Chavo," apparently a famous comedian here who recently died. But pretty much anything is fare game - cartoon/TV characters are the most popular. Everybody here is into Dragonball Z.
And I forgot the camera in the house. No pictures for y'all until next year!
Speaking of which, I've been trying to learn a lot about patience and also strengthening my testimony of prayer. A hilarious moment connected the two this week: I was wondering why my sector can be so hard a times and why I have to wait for so long for something things and then I realized, and said out loud: "Oh shoot. I've been praying for patience. THAT'S why I'm here." My first companion told me: "Beware of praying for patience or humility. Because you'll get it." Yup!
So, I'm excited to try to learn to work hard here. Changes are next week and I'm ending my training! I'm scared, but I also know I'll be where I need to be with the companion I need to be with. I'm guessing I'm staying here, but who knows? Until next week....!
 Did you know: President Obama is in the mission? (Actually it's Elder Bustillo, but the resemblance is remarkable, no?) I think it's been a while since Jeremiah has seen a picture of Obama...not sure of the resemblance...:)

A typical Ecuadorian meal. Rice, eggs, plantain. And I love it!

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