Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Another Transfer in La Bota

Really I don't know what to write y'all about. I think I'm just in a bit of shock, maybe. I received my new companion today (we basically knew for sure that my other companion was going to leave), and he's from Peru! I'm excited to finally have a native speaker to practice with.

And yes, I'm done with my training! It's really pretty darn scary. Now I'm responsible for this sector, at least for a while until I can show my companion around and get him up to speed and whatnot. But I'm just trying to focus on the fact that the Lord knows me, knows what I need, and that He knows I can have success here.

What being done with training means is that I use the normal study schedule of the other missionaries. When you're in training, there's an extra hour of companionship study. Now I won't have it. I don't know that I'll miss it, it's just daunting to me that now I have a whole other hour to fill with things to do...maybe that's what stresses me out the most. Much of the time I have no idea what to do with myself, really. But I'll figure it out, I'm sure.

We had a special training with President last Friday. He used a few talks from General Conference, my favorite of which right now "Which Way Do You Face?" It certainly inspired me to have a bit more courage and keep moving forward. Check it out if you have time!

Well I suppose one thing I've been trying to focus on this week is being patient (again). It's hard for us to recognize at times that our timing is not the Lord's timing. What I think is amazing is the promise that if we keep walking forward with faith and hope, doing as much as we can to live the commandments and love God, "everything will work together for our good." I certainly am trying to believe in that more. Hope has a ton of power! It's truly amazing.

Also I've started a prayer journal which is TONS of fun. I write down the things I ask for in my prayers and check them off and make notes as I receive answers. Not only is it a great way of recording personal revelation, but it's given me an even greater testimony of the power of prayer. It's powerful! Everything we need can be ours if we only ask with faith...one small example: we were waiting with a recent convert on the curb, trying to flag down taxis so we could get to church (she can't walk well) and there just weren't any taxis! So I said a quick prayer that a taxi could pass by so we could all get to church on time, because the week before we'd almost missed the sacrament. And only a few minutes later a taxi pulled up with one seat available - and the others filled by the family that is fellowshipping our recent convert! And then as my companion and I walked to church we ran into some other members that offered us a ride! Just one small example of how prayers can be answered.

That's all for now. I'm sure I'll have many more experiences to share with you. Sorry this one was so short this week but don't forget I love you all!

Elder Scanlan

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